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We specialize in connecting you with accomplished eCommerce, Sales, Marketing, Supply-Chain, and Information Technology candidates.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Posture your business for long-term success with our customized talent acquisition strategies that aid you in finding and attracting top-tier candidates. Our services…


help to quickly identify and assess highly qualified candidates with the crucial skills, experience, education and knowledge you need for your company to achieve exceptional growth. Let us facilitate your mission to bring skilled workers into your enterprise and determine where to utilize them best for optimal performance.

Job Description Development

Our team believes in working closely with our clients to develop detailed job descriptions for all roles in the organization. Let us help you capture the full scope…


 of responsibilities for positions in your company and detail the skills, education, experience and knowledge you need employees to demonstrate. This information aids the recruitment process and, ultimately, enhances the pool of skilled candidates applying for positions in your company.

Employment Branding

Today’s skilled job candidates utilize a wide range of resources to research prospective employers. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your brand conveys an organizational…


culture based on transparency and offers relevant engagement. At Seasoned Executive Search, we help translate the value of your brand to prospective employees. We demonstrate how your company delivers superior benefits and professional growth opportunities that outshine the competition.

Reference Checks

Through comprehensive reference check services, your company can obtain full-scope verification of details contained in a candidate’s job application and…


 resume. Reference checks often deliver unique insight and valuable perspectives into a prospective employee’s prior job performance and experience. Use this information to better predict a candidate’s potential for success in your organization before formally extending an offer for employment.

Candidate Relationship Management

Maintain connections with highly skilled talent to fill current and future roles in your company with our tailored CRM services. We foster an environment where candidates…


 feel welcome and appreciated while working through the application, interviewing and hiring processes. Our professional CRM solutions help keep your candidates well-informed at each stage. We also go the extra mile to ensure that your company maintains a reputation for professionalism and courtesy when considering potential employment options for these talented individuals.

Skills Gap Assessment Analysis

Success in business often requires a clear understanding of the necessary pieces to complete the puzzle for success. Our professional gap assessment and…


 analysis services help you solve this puzzle by finding the right mix of skills needed for each role in your company. We then assess organizational deficiencies, identify best practices and training opportunities to take performance to the next level.

Why Partner with Seasoned Executive Search for Your Hiring Needs?

Addressing your business’s unique hiring needs and locating top talent to help you soar to new vistas of success requires an experienced and dynamic team in your corner. At Seasoned Executive Search, we go the extra mile to build and enhance professional relationships with top talent. Our dynamic team of recruiting professionals excels at building trust with top-tier candidates and assessing the primary motivations and desires they have for a prospective employer.

We passionately pursue successful job matching through personal interaction to align employee skills with your business’s needs. As an industry-leading professional recruiting firm, we maintain an enduring focus on continual improvement. Our professionals routinely attend trade shows to deepen our understanding of your requirements and how we can help you attract the best and most highly skilled employees available.

We serve as an extension of our clients and strive to deliver an unmatched, highly satisfying experience. Our team pays meticulous attention to how your company is perceived, and we work hard to address candidates’ concerns during each stage of the process. Let us demonstrate how our customized recruiting services have established a new standard of success unmatched by our competition.



“Suzanne is a consummate professional. She is extremely pleasant to work with. She tries to understand what you are truly looking for and finds the right fit for you. And most importantly she gets you the job!”

- Placed Candidate

“Suzanne has provided amazing support as I’ve re-evaluated my career in regards to work life balance. She appreciated my value as well as respected and supported my personal goals. Suzanne is amazing and I highly recommend her.”

- Coached Candidate


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